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“Nick Stanton is a great friend  and advocate of Destiny Rescue who has taken on our vision of seeing child sex trafficking end in our lifetime. He has been a great support both personally and as an artist, and we consider it an honor and privilege to partner with him. It’s been inspiring to watch him continue growing into the ministry God has for him, and we are excited about  the opportunity of working with him further in the coming months and years.”  -Barbie Everette, CEO Destiny Rescue USA 

The Story of the Partnership

After hearing about Destiny Rescue at a camp I lead worship at in the summer of 2009, I felt compelled to do something about the injustice of child prostitution. So, all the money I raised that week in CD sales I donated to Destiny Rescue. I didn’t know it at the time but God was birthing in me a vision of being part of something greater than just writing Christian music. Keeping in touch with Peter and Barbie Everett, I began to bounce ideas off of them about what it would look like to be an ambassador for DR. Now, two years later, I officially partnered with them and promote what they are doing at every concert I play at. Young and old people, from all walks of life that support my ministry, are now being challenged to help end child prostitution. The message of God’s love and what he has done in my life is deeply engrained in my music and now that I am partnered with DR, I can point people not only to the God of love but also to these children of God who desperately need His love shown to them through the body of Christ. This partnership is being blessed in ways I could never imagine and people who had no idea that this injustice existed are now being challenged to make a difference.

20 percent of all my CD sales go to directly  support Destiny Rescue!

What is Destiny Rescue?

Destiny Rescue is a grass roots organization that is determined to rescue girls who have been forced into prostitution. Destiny Rescue addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual poverty that these girls and young women are facing. By the support of people like you, Destiny Rescue can rescue these girls and provide them with a hope and a future. Below are some ways that you can get involved today!

The 26 Second Challenge is a simple and affordable response for you to be involved in helping us rescue children.

To sponsor a child in the rescue and aftercare program please click here.

Here are some stories from Destiny Rescue:

Rescue and aftercare program

Raped by strangers and family members, sold to brothels, drugged, beaten and left for dead, starving and desperate…… For girls and young women who have been prostituted and suffered heinous abuse, Destiny Rescue provides a safe home, where care, love, counselling and hugs abound. These girls and young women receive an education and training, allowing them to rebuild their lives and have a hope for the future once again.
The problem

Every day children are being sold into prostitution and are forced to service multiple customers (sometimes over 10 a day).

Pomiet was a normal little six year old until her father started tying her upside down and beating her and raping her with their neighbour. Pomiet was then sold to a brothel where she was abused  even further…

Pomiet has now been rescued from the brothel and is being cared for in Destiny Rescue’s Aftercare home. Sadly, it is estimated that 2 million children are trafficked every year and suffer the same sorts of abuse as Pomiet suffered.  We can save children like Pomiet… one child at a time!!!

How does it happen?

Despite the ongoing efforts and suitably harsh penalties imposed by various governments for those who traffic children for sexual exploitation, children are still being prostituted. Traffickers employ the help of “agents” and local villagers to identify vulnerable families. Many different tactics are used to lure these “at risk” children into their brothels. Agents often deceive parents with false promises of respectable jobs in cities, guaranteeing a portion of the child’s wage will be regularly sent back to the parents.

Another strategy is offering parents a loan to “help them” through the hard times, which in turn the parents give their daughters to the brothels to work off the debt. Sadly there are even times when parents simply sell their daughters, knowing full well the fate that lies ahead of them.

It is customary in many Asian countries for children to help support their parents.  It is not uncommon for a young girl to leave their village hoping to find work in the city so she can make money to send back to her parents. Too often there is little scope for a young, uneducated girl to get well paid work, other than working in brothels. Tragically rather than facing the shame of not being able to help support their families, these girls will prostitute themselves to help their parents.

Another problem being faced is that Western materialism has begun to be a driving factor in many young girls choosing to prostitute themselves. The desire for a mobile phone or designer clothes has made prostitution the only way for these poor, uneducated and unskilled children to get the things they long to have.

Caring for rescued children

Taking care of young girls that have come from horrifically abusive situations and endeavouring to help them heal would be a daunting task for most people.  However, at Destiny Rescue we are of the time proven belief that “Love never fails” and as we show these precious children genuine Christ-like love we are seeing walls come down!

On staff we have qualified counsellors, medical staff and teachers, all with a passion to see these children made whole in body, mind and spirit.  All the children are given psychological, medical and educational assessments. From these assessments treatment and training is given on a daily basis but always making sure there is time for plenty of play and lots of hugs! Unlike many, many children that are still trapped in brothels, the girls in our Aftercare home have real hope for the future and are learning to dream again.

We need your help to be able to care for these girls and also to be able to expand this program so we can help 100’s, even 1000’s more of these beautiful children.

Please help these children TODAY!

To sponsor a child in the rescue and aftercare program please click here.


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